Why subscribe?

If your goal is to simply beat an index, and reduce exposure to fees, it’s clearly possible to do it consistently with stock picking.

So how does one go about picking stocks?

That’s a good question and it’s what I explore every month on my Substack. Subscribe and follow along as I examine how to beat the S&P by finding the point of highest leverage—everything else is noise.

How often is it updated?

Twice a month. I send out a portfolio summary at the end of the month and a mid-month investment strategy thought piece.

Is it free?

For now, yes. But I may in the future charge a fee for some content.

Who am I?

I have worked in internet media and technology on the business side my entire career. I live in the SF Bay Area and focus on investing in what I know, high-tech growth companies. I try my best to stay in my circle of competence.

I am not an investment professional. None of this is advice.

Do you share my personal info?

No. All subscriber data is kept private and only used to send out the newsletter. I don’t share it or sell it to anyone.

How can I follow you on Twitter?

You can find me on Twitter here.